Are you ready to start your journey to the life you’ve always wanted? My individual coaching sessions and workshops are designed to equip you with the strategies to make it happen!

Individual Coaching Sessions

Harnessing your true potential requires specific, customized approaches to improving yourself and reaching your goals. For the best results, individual coaching sessions can help you with your specific goals, clearing roadblocks and learning how to overcome barriers. My individual life coaching sessions help you to define your priorities, find out what you truly value, explore your strengths and growth areas and achieve balance in all areas of your life.

How does a life strategy coach help? By connecting your goals and motivations to your strengths, helping to improve communication skills, and setting up a clear path between your current life and where you want to be. Fight burnout, reinvent yourself, and take the next steps to where you’d like to see yourself.

Workshops / Seminars / Events

Not everyone wants the in-depth support of individual life strategy coaching—and some want more! No matter why you chose to attend my workshops and seminars, you can leave with valuable tools and skills that can be applied to your everyday life and goals. My workshops focus on a specific topic, such as reconnecting to yourself, setting realistic and achievable goals, and clearing the hurdles that you face on your journey to your best self and the life you want to live.

My events aren’t just about learning—they give you a chance to interact with others who are in the same situation, meet new people, and enjoy the support of other motivated people like yourself!


My sessions are one hour each.

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