Learn To STOP and Make Better Decisions

Part of my job as a life coach is helping people make good decisions. While I am not a judge, parent, or sage wise-woman who knows your inner desires, I have studied the best ways to create and maintain healthy changes. When I work with clients for life coaching, I use a variety of techniques to help you understand, express, and move toward your goals and dreams. I see this as a collaborative process, like working with a skilled mountain climbing guide to scale a mountain. However, sometimes, you just need a quick tool to make a great decision on your own. Today, I am going to teach you how to STOP!

The Importance of Sleep to High Performance

Could you use a nap? If so, you’re not alone: Up to a third of Americans report that they don’t get the sleep they need to feel rested. But this is just a part of normal life, right? Think again! This week, we’ll be talking about the importance of sleep for high performance in your life—whether that’s making important decisions at work, being there for your family, or just feeling great about yourself. As a life coach, I have seen plenty of people who are sick and tired—of not sleeping!

Spring-Cleaning For Your Life

With spring finally arriving, many of the clients I see for life coaching are pleased to escape the cold, snowy winter. A time-honored spring tradition is cleaning, and nothing makes you want to clean your house more than the fresh scent of flower blossoms blowing in the window. While cleaning your home is a great spring activity, you can expand this process and “spring clean” your life. Read on to find out how!

Top Tips for Motivation When You’re Feeling Stuck

As a life coach, one of the things that many of my clients come to me with is a feeling of being “stuck.” They ask “how can I take the next step?” or “how can I get out of this slump?” While the best way to get motivated and start making the changes you need to make in your life is by working with a skilled life coach in New Jersey, there are also plenty of DIY options that you can try yourself! Here are my favorite “quick tips” to boost motivation when you’re feeling stuck.

Input and Output: Why Nutrition Matters

Some people are surprised when they visit a life coach and are asked about their nutrition and dietary habits. “But I’m not looking to lose weight!” is a response I often hear, and it’s a fair response—but nutrition is about far more than just weight management, and plenty of people who are at a very healthy weight are still sabotaging their progress and success due to what they are eating. Read on to find out why nutrition is so important to getting anything done!

Why Self-Care is Important—to You and Others

Many of the people who visit my office for life strategy coaching are genuinely kind, selfless, sacrificing people. They start by telling me how they give so much to others, whether that is family, friends, work, or charity, that they don’t have anything left for themselves. When I tell them that they aren’t doing themselves or others a favor, many are surprised. Today, we’ll talk about self-care, and how it can help you be more giving and responsive to others.

Upcoming Event: It’s All About You!

Do you dream of a day when you don’t have to answer to anybody, take anyone else’s preferences into account, or put on a good face? If so, you may be interested in our “All About You” event, coming up on Wednesday, March 28th, 2018, from 9-2:30. This great event focuses all about you, asking the question, “what’s next for me and how do I get there?” What will you learn at this event? Read on to find out more!