Learn How to Use Your Values to Set Goals

Every New Year, people make goals or resolutions. By the end of January, unfortunately, most of these have failed. How can such a time-tested tradition fail over and over again? Some experts suggest that people aren’t really making goals that will work because they aren’t aligning them effectively with their personal values. Translation: If you don’t care about your goals, you won’t achieve them. Read on to find out a better way to set goals from your trusted life coach in New Jersey!

Why Set Goals?
Goals are a great way to ensure ongoing self-awareness and personal development. By setting goals, you are working on making yourself better in the future—for yourself, for your job, or for others. Goals make sure we don’t stagnate and become boring. For some, setting goals can be the start to major changes in life. Unfortunately, this is just what goals should be. In reality, people often pursue goals for other reasons they don’t work as well, such as to please another person, because they think “I should,” or because someone else is doing them.

Why Do Values Matter?
You have to be motivated to achieve your goals. Intrinsic motivation (the kind that comes from inside of you) is much, much better than extrinsic motivation (the kind that comes from other people or other things). Silly phone games are intrinsically motivating—nobody tells you to do them (in fact, they might tell you to put it down!), but completing them is rewarding enough that you might catch yourself sneaking in a game while waiting in line. On the other hand, a report from work should be motivating (paycheck!), but most people report procrastinating and feeling unmotivated. Values matter because they increase intrinsic motivation—you want to make these changes for yourself!

How to Set Better Goals
To start making better goals, think about your values. There are free quizzes to assess values online, but mostly, you need your brain. What is truly most important to you? Identify your top five areas. Popular values include family, personal development, humanitarian ideals, relaxation, peacefulness, integrity, honesty, giving to others, or compassion for animals—but there are thousands! Once you have chosen your top five values, set goals that support these values. For example, if you have placed your children’s success as a top value, your goal might be to take them to a cultural event each month so they are well-rounded. If you placed your professional development as a top value, your goal might be to listen to a new podcast each week on the way to work.
By connecting your values to your goals, you can increase meaning as well as increasing your changes of success! For more help setting great goals, contact Life Coach JB today!

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