Why Self-Care is Important—to You and Others

Many of the people who visit my office for life strategy coaching are genuinely kind, selfless, sacrificing people. They start by telling me how they give so much to others, whether that is family, friends, work, or charity, that they don’t have anything left for themselves. When I tell them that they aren’t doing themselves or others a favor, many are surprised. Today, we’ll talk about self-care, and how it can help you be more giving and responsive to others.

What is Life Strategy Coaching?

Welcome to the Life Strategies Coach blog! We are so happy to see you here, and hope that this will lead you toward your highest levels of achievement. As a certified Life Strategy Coach, I know all about life strategy coaching—but many people have no idea what it is! Read on to get a quick introduction and find answers to some of the most common questions I’ve heard about life strategy coaching.